The human race lived peacefully until a alien race discovered and conquered the earth in the year 2152. They exploited our resources but they wanted to know more about us and started studying us. We, The survivors of the war, are subject of innumerable tests and experiments. If they are not interested in someone anymore they take it away and we dont see him anymore...

character alien

The last test, is a test of combat. You Will face countless aliens gathered from all parts of the universe that receive orders from their master. If someone pass the test, he will be a new servant of the master; or almost that what they think.

As you can see this will be a simply action game in an sci-fi ambient: Kill aliens and survive. Hopefully you can play co-op.

Characteristics of the project

  • Learn is the main objective, your work will be credited
  • Agile development style: Fast communication and We adjust our objectives every short time
  • Development is instensified each summer
  • Source code will be published once the project is finished. Alpha demo expected to be finished at August 2017.

¿ Why join this project ?

  • Great oportunity to learn: Potential experience that can be shown in your curriculum vitae.
  • Experience working in team
  • Proven skills in a certain role
  • Game development is fun ! The best way to spend a summer :)

¿How to join?

First of all check out the avaliable roles here

  • ¿Why do you want to join the project?¿Why are you motivated?
  • Previous experience ( Don't forget gaming experience :D )
  • How much time you can spend in the project per week. ¿Are you joining this summer?¿What else be you doing this summer?¿Do you plan to collaborate thoughtout the entire year?

The main objetive of the project is learn: You do not have to be an expert in your role but must know the basis. The motivation is very important. If you want to earn money this is not your project.

Contact me: email

When your application has been approved You will receive instructions to join the team main communication channel.

Project Status

Credits and Roles


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