4 August 2014

  • Optimization for the best performance, Fmod system for audio and music optimized.
  • Level design
  • Modular corridor
  • Melee AOE weapons
  • New weapon models

Also we are ready to apply the texture the following alien:


17 July 2014

We progressed with the following objectives:

  • Updated to the lastest Cryengine release.
  • EaaS with Fmod Studio audio system.
  • Custom AI model
  • AI melee behaviour
  • Custom plasma weapon

28 June 2014

We have finished:

  • Combat music implementation
  • Melee system
  • Aiming coded with C++
  • Customized GUI

18 June 2014

We have all joined Slack and we have started working hard in all the roles.

In this video you can see the main character already imported into cryengine 3.

8 June 2014

Until 8 june 2014 we have been getting experience with Cryengine 3

The objectives and the methodology as well as game design concepts are well defined.

It has been incorporated to the project the camera setup as well as some basic scripts. Furthermore We have designed the main character, one alien and a GUI for the spells.

In this video you can see how We could incorporate an alien to the project :