Roles and Credits

  • Project Director, Coding (C++ and Lua) and Engine, Level designer, and others: Jesús Martín Berlanga
  • I will be the responsible for the project's success. Furthermore I will code and incorporate all the features to the engine. I also work in all the tasks that involve the creation of the game, I have specially being taking care of texturing, character rigging, animations, 3D/2D art, and promotion of the game. I have also prepared the 3D earth animation with 3Ds Max, VRay, FumeFX, and After-Effects/Premiere for the game trailer. I have hardcoded our own interface to use Fmod audio middleware before Cryengine finally released its Audio Translation Layer.

  • Character Modelling/Texturing and 2D art: Arturo García Puerto

    Arturo is responsabile for the modelling and texturing of the main character, an alien enemy, and several illustrations:

    character alien

  • Writer/Game Designer: Jake Ratcliff
  • He will make our game stand out. With some basic input from my part, Jake has been able to develop a detailed story, a voiceover script, and room descriptions.

  • Music: Kyle Halliwell.

  • Kyle collaborated with the project during the summer. He is an accomplished pianist/composer that studied piano performance and composition in college and can compose any genre at a professional level with any instrumentation (specialize in traditional orchestral/classical scores).

    Kyle is responsible for the following compositions for the game:

  • Sound design: Conor Bradley
  • Conor had to gather (From open licenses), modify and create sounds or help with the music If needed. Conor has helped with numerous sound effects for the game. He has also taken care of the synchronized sound effects for the game cinematic once I had finally finished with the rendering.


  • Voiceover:
  • Mainly he will narrate the history.

  • 3D Modeler and animator: Arturo García Puerto, Jacob Cornett and Josephine Burke (Working at Carnivorous Plants); Looking for extra 3D modellers/animators which can dedicate time to the project.
  • Responsible for all the models and their animations. Must handle 3ds max and probably the basis of photoshop or similar in order to incorporate textures.

    I'm specially looking for someone to fill one of the followin gareas:
  • Cryengine level designer

  • 2D artist or Ilustrator
  • Originality to create GUIs, sketches, Intro pictures and ilustrations, etc. .Should handle photoshop (If he is more focused in the 2d art). Should know hand draw (If prefer the ilustration). A good candidate can be someone with experience making textures for characters and environment.

  • Cryengine 3 Mentor
  • Cryengine 3 expert. Advice and help about the Engine specification and the engine in general. Availability to solve questions or problems.

  • Web Designer
  • Experience with html and creating web designs.

  • Software Engineer
  • Engine features developer and Scripter. All the code will be open source. Will handle C++ and Lua. Must know how Cyrengine works.

If you think you can fill an important role not mentioned here, you can contact with me explaining how you can contribute to the project.

If your role has been filled, dont worry!, contact with me I will tell you in what you can contribute.

Contact me: email